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Since the introduction of Indian economy stock market has seen a constant rise in the number of people perticipating in it. Mitasu has kept pase with the ever changing face of the Indian economy. Mitasu offers attractive products for traders, arbitragers and hedgers.

Our Offerings

Hedging in Spot to Future and Future to Spot. This is especially beneficial to producers and traders of a particular stock.

Delivery based trading for individuals and corporate clients.

We have Sales Tax Number in every Indian state where commodity delivery centers are located.

Online and Offline trading facility.

Research support - Our in-house research team provides qualitative research on various segment of stock market.

Why Mitasu?

SMS Alerts for research advice.

Regular news and market updates through emails in the form of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly publications.

Effective hedging strategies.

Instant access to ledger balances and account information.